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This is the segment with the highest presence of plastic tubs used as the most adequate packaging solution. Globoplast’s tubes stand out in the segment for offering not only the highest quality, but also for our decorative potential and agility in development, ensuring our clients a high marketing appeal in their products and differentiated presentation.

In addition to guaranteed benefits and product presentation, Globoplast offers solutions that are adequate to different solutions, with tubes measuring from 19 mm to 50 mm for Moisturizers, Body Oils, Hair Lotions, Makeup, Shampoos and Conditioners, Gels, among others.

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Cosmético - Bisnaga e Tampa 35mm
Cosmético - Bisnaga 19 mm
Cosmético - Bisnagas Plásticas  - 22 mm
Cosmético - Bisnaga e Tampa 40mm
Cosmético - Bisnaga 50mm Tampa 50mm
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