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Rua Gabriel Jorge Salomão, 606
Fazendinha - 06530-005
Santana de Parnaíba · SP

For over 10 years in the market, Globoplast is a company that develops and produces extruded plastic tubes and injected lids, serving the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary, Food and Industrial Chemicals segments.

Competent service. The respect for the commitment made to our clients and to the market in offering top quality plastic tubes, according to their needs is guaranteed by the constant concern with the quality of our processes and equipment, as well as for the development of our employees.

Our modern, planned structure allows full control of the processes involved, as well as agility in the service and delivery of our products. Our laboratory is set to develop the strictest tests on our products, ensuring the quality required.

We strive to deliver more than top-quality tubes – our commitment is to grant trust to our clients, providing them with a more competitive and dynamic operation in the market, as well as more control and confidence in their performance.

The trusting relationship established with our clients and partners is Globoplast’s most important asset. We believe that successful partnerships are more than just meeting expectations. It is also about sharing and exceeding them.

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